Outstanding dues to any creditor of the Company having a monetary value which exceeds 5% of total outstanding dues (i.e. trade payables), of the Company as on the date of the latest restated financial statements of the Company shall be considered material.

List of Material Creditors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (INR in Mn.)

Material Creditors Outstanding as on 30/06/2021 Percentage of Total Outstanding
TPSC ASIA PTE LTD-SINGAPORE                                     14.57 16.24%
J.R.PACKAGING INDUSTRIES                                       8.10 9.02%
FAST FORWARD LOGISTICS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED                                       7.77 8.65%
MIG FINCON PVT.LTD.                                       5.70 6.35%
FLYJAC LOGISTICS PVT LTD                                       5.48 6.10%