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Thermo Conductive Rack and Mini Coolers

Keeps your reagents and enzymes cool, protects samples from
temperature fluctuations. Freeze for 24 hours at -20 °C to -25 °C
before use for -20 °C mini cooler and -5 °C to -10 °C for 0°C Mini
Coolers. The Thermo Conductive racks can be used in Mini Coolers
or Ice Buckets and Trays.


0°C Mini Cooler :

Code Well Dimension
525111 134 x 92 mm

Thermo Conductive Rack :

Code Description
525300 24 Microtube of 1.5ml
525310 24 Cryovial of 1.8ml.
525320 96 PCR tubes or stripes or plate
525330 384 Well PCR Plate
525340 1.5ml tubes and PCR tubes or stripes

-20° C Mini Cooler :

Code Well Dimension
525112 134 x. 92 mm

Not  For  Export