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All Clear Desiccator Vacuum

Vacuum desiccator are molded in high quality plastics
which is light and easy to handle. Silicone O-ring assures
tight seal down to 0°C without using grease. PP/PC
material. Bottom part of the desiccators comes with thick
perforated polypropylene disc with big holes in the middle
for easy lifting.


All Clear Desiccator Vacuum

Code Dia mm
403010        150
403020        200
403030        250
403040        300

Spare ‘O’ Ring for PP/PC Desiccator (Material: Silicons Rubber Black)

Code Dia mm
403011        150
403021        200
403031        250
403041        300
403001   Desiccator Spare

403011-403001 Not For Export