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FIXAPETTE™ – Fixed Volume Pipette

Fixed volume pipettes are ideal pipetting units to be used
when working with dense or viscous liquids. Unlike adjustable
volume pipettes, fixed volume pipettes dispense the same
quantity of liquid every time. The volume of a fixed volume
micropipette cannot be changed, which allows the user to
work at a faster pace without having to constantly change the
volume setting on the side or top of the pipette. With
Tarsons FIXAPETTE ™ fixed volume micropipette one is less Iikely
to suffer an error similar to those errors caused by accidentally
changing the volume setting, which can occur with an adjustable
volume pipette. Calibration is also much more simple and faster
to carry out as there are far fewer internal components in a
fixed volume micropipette than there are in an adjustable volume pipette.




Code Capacity mL
031010 2
031020 5
031030 10
031040 20
031050 25
031060 50
031070 100
031080 200
031090 250
031100 300
031110 400
031120 500
031130 1000