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Maxiamp 0.2 ml Tube Strips with Cap

Maxiamp range is available in 8 tube strips available
in 0.2 ml clear or white tubes. There is choice of flat
and domed, and Ultra clear caps.They a re suitable for
0.2 m L or 0.5 ml thermal cycler blocks. Clear caps
suitable for REAL TIME PCR. Thin wall design for even
heat transfer.Clean room production for consistent
results. High quality amplification. Suitable for
traditiona I PCR/ Hot start PCR. RNase/
DNase/ pyrogen free. Material: PP



Code Capacity mL
610040  Flat
610050  Dome
610060  Ultra Clear
610020  Ultra Clear
510073  Ultra Clear Cap For Strips/Plates 0.1/0.2 ml