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Tough Tags

These are chemically inert polyester labels
which will strongly adhere to all plastics
and other material. They are temperature
resistant from -40°C to 121°C. These labels
will withstand autoclaving, boiling water baths,
freezer temperature, organic solvents, caustic
agents and other challenges without peeling.

Code Description (Lx B) mm
500060 Tough Tags 24×12.7
500070 Tough Tags 32.5×12.7
500080 Tough Spots dia 9.5
500085 Tough Spots dia 12.7

Tough tags, for colour coding put the Suffix after code number.
B=Blue, G=Green, R=Red, W=White.
Tough Spots, for colour coding, put the suffix after code number
B-Blue, G=Green, O=Orange, R=Red, Y=Yellow, w=WHite.

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